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Agricultural land, projects for sale in Dobrich, Bulgaria


7 acres of mature hardwood forest near Veliko Tarnovo
Mature woodland for sale in Bulgaria in prime forest region

Location: Dobrich
plot size: 28000 sq.m.
not in regulation  
view: forest panorama  
access on asphalt road  
Tenure: Freehold
Currency: EU USD GBP
PRICE: 9 950€

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This is an opportunity to purchase established hardwood woodland in a very attractive and convenient location just outside the old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo.

This is an opportunity to purchase established hardwood woodland in a very attractive and convenient location just outside the old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo.

Please don’t confuse this offer with shrubland or coppiced out woodland in remote locations in Bulgaria. This is a designated commercial forest that has hardwood trees up to 60 years old. Approximately 60% hornbeam and the remainder oak.

The forest is in 3 plots very close to each other at the same location:

Lot 265052 - 14,300 sqm
Lot 265048 – 3,500 sqm
Lot 265042 – 11,100 sqm

Total for sale: 28,900 sqm, which is 7.14 acres

Pictures shown here were taken a few days ago and are from the forest being offered. We haven’t done a tree count or calculated the cubic meters of hardwood timber available, but with a rough estimate of 400 trees an acre, that’s 2800 trees. Forest management regulations require that a certain number of trees are left when an area is felled.

The woodland is in an area in which commercial forestry is an important business. You can see from the picture of the area where the woodland is located, that the three lots for sale are adjacent to an area that was recently felled.

Hardwood timber has traditionally been a recession resistant business in the UK and elsewhere; one that retains value. And because oak and hornbeam grow slowly and is of little planking value until at least 30 years old, supply is always constricted.

Hornbeam is of particular high value (especially in Bulgaria) and is one of the hardest woods available (its nickname is ironwood). Very popular for use in furniture making and premium flooring. It has a beautiful grain and is often compared to ivory once polished because of the whiteness of the wood. Finding mature hornbeam forest is very difficult.

For the armchair investor, it’s also an ideal purchase as little involvement is needed. Your investment can be left to literally grow. And if you do decide to realize value by felling, this can be contracted to one of forest contractors/buyers in the area.

The forest not only offers a real asset that grows in value, it also is in an area that is well worth a visit in its own right. Just 15 kms from the famous Veliko Tarnovo. This used to be the capital of Bulgaria and offers fascinating monuments and lively social scene. It’s the area of Bulgaria with the highest proportion of foreign residents.

The village by the woodland is called Gabrovtci and the road to it is in excellent condition. It’s a clean and attractive place that at the time of our visit last week was having an artist’s convention. A lovely river runs along the base of the valley in which the woodland is located. Lovely place for walks and enjoyment of nature.

In summary, this is a good quality hardwood woodland of over 7 acres in size in a beautiful location. A properly designated commercial forest land that is sold freehold.

Please note that this is not building land and does not come with a property or permission to build a property.

We are an agency established in 2003 with long experience of helping foreigners acquire and maximize their investments in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is an attractive location for investment. Prices are still well below those typical elsewhere in Europe. It has a pleasant climate of reliably warm summers and just a short and quite sunny winter. Growing conditions for hardwood trees is just about perfect. Its corporate and personal taxes are the lowest in Europe at just 10% flat.

Spread your investment risk by diversifying into hardwood timber, for long term value.

Location and Local Attractions
 The woodland is located on the edge of the village Gabrovtsi, south of Veliko Tarnovo. 


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