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Viewing trips to Bulgaria
Viewing trips are a very personal issue and generally depend on your reasons to plan a trip to Bulgaria. In this section we give answers to most of the important issues for organizing your viewing trip to Bulgaria – from the arranging of your flight to the viewing of the properties. Please note that we are flexible with your travel dates, hotels or any bounds, and offer various alternatives for the planning of your trip. 

How long should you stay?
That depends, of course, on your plans, but allow about 2 days to view property and 1 day to do the legal paperwork if you want to buy. 
Bear in mind also that maximum 5 properties can be viewed in one day, because of their different locations and arrangements with vendors. Therefore we advise you to study all the description and pictures of the property provided in advance and decide which properties you would really think are from your interest. This will save a lot of time during your visit in Bulgaria and will make viewing of properties more focused. In cases, when your stay in Bulgaria is limited, we will need to know the properties you would like to inspect in order to provide keys for all properties if needed.
Please note: As banks, solicitors and Notary offices aren't open on a week-end, make sure you stay for at least one weekday to do any legal paperwork. You will need their services in case you have decided to purchase and want to organize the buying process.
Arrange your flight

We can plan a date and time for your visit. Then you need to arrange your own flights and let us know your arrival time at Varna Airport (or train/coach stations). For more information on flights, please see our "Travel to Bulgaria" section on our website.
If you already have plans to be in Bulgaria, such as a package holiday to one of the Varna area resorts like "Golden Sands" (a cheap way to see the area), then all we need to do is fix a time for you to meet one of our representatives. All our staff speak English. They are friendly, with expert local knowledge, and will look after you well. 


We can arrange accommodation for you. Hotel accommodation can be aranged for around 30-40 Euros per person per night.

How much should I bring? 

This is very important if you wish to buy property on your visit, so please read this section carefully. Please bring with you cash to the value of 1000 to 3000 Euros for reservation fee. Alternatively we accept credit card payments in our office in Maidstone,UK. And, of course, don't forget to bring some money to cover living and travel costs during your visit.

Also, if you are a non-EU citizen and you are interested in buying land or house, you’ll need to do your company set-up during your visit. The company set up fee is up to 775 Euros.
Important note: If you have travelers checks, please bring the traveller's cheque numbers (receipt) with you to get the best conversion rate. Bulgarian banks cash traveler checks only in Bulgarian currency. The conversion rate is approx 1 Euro = 1,95 lev.