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Property management services
With our diverse range of services, we aim at providing the complete service for our clients, starting from general care of a property, through arranging gardening services, pool maintenance and even an accountant for your company.
That is why an affiliated, specialized in property management services company has been established in order to explicitly deal with all such issues and provide the best service to our clients.
  • Key holding
  • Document holding
  • Dealing with utility bills
  • Liaising with Security Company
  • Communication with neighbors
  • Arranging garden services
  • Monthly internal and external property check and sending of email photographs to owner
  • Arranging property maintenance (This does not include managing building works)
  • Arranging payment of annual property tax
  • Annual submission of company records to accountant. This includes payment of accountant for his services in dealing with a non active company. If you are actually using your company to trade, you will be responsible for higher fees
  • Provision on regular statements of property expenditure
  • Off season monthly internal and external check and sending pictures
  • Inventory check according to owner’s list
  • Airing rooms
  • Checking for mould, moisture, leaks and other visible defects
  • Checking electrical system and appliances
  • Checking water fitting and flushing
  • Checking for insects and pests 
  • Emergency property check on request or because of bad weather conditions
  • Looking over furniture
  • Preparing a house equipment list to meet the rental standards
  • Assistance in equipping the house 
  • Bookkeeping of the made expenses and sending reports on request
  • Monitoring of garden services and pool services and arranging payments
  • Arranging minor repairs by request of the Rental manager
  • Arranging payment of annual property tax
  • Annual submission of company records to accountant
  • Preparation of the property for the winter season
The full range of house management services offered by Property care are published on the company’s website: