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Home insurances & security
Make an insurance and while you are away, your home can stay protected.
A property insurance is important issue for the majority of our clients, especially as their properties in Bulgaria are usually not occupied during the larger part of the year and are being used only during the summer season.
Considering the last, property insurance is quite an essential matter.
Home security
To further expand our after sales services for clients, we have teamed up with the leading security company. We understand that you maybe concerned to leave your property unattended for large periods of time and having a good quality security system with regular checks of your property by security guards does help to give peace of mind.
If you decide to take out a contract with the security company, then what can you expect for your money? Firstly, a good quality security system will be installed in your property which, in the event of a break-in, would be set off and the security company will be alerted as it will be connected to their central database.
They have a ‘3 minute’ response policy which means that they try and ensure they arrive at your property within this time. Once there, they do have the authority to apprehend and take the criminal(s) to the local police station where they will be dealt with. As well as that, the security company do offer insurance for any goods that may be stolen in the event of a robbery.
Why install a security system?
Although that in Bulgaria, for every 100 crimes committed in the UK there are only 8 crimes committed in Bulgaria, proving that this country is much safer than many other areas, homeowners do still want peace of mind. Having a good quality security system and support of reputable company, along with ourselves, does make a huge difference if you own a property which you do not visit on a regular basis. It is a common fact that an unoccupied property, no matter what country it is in, is a much more likely target for criminals. Most criminals will check a property before robbing/vandalising it and if it is clear that you have a security system in, they simply won’t touch it.
As well as that, you would receive discounts on the majority of home insurance offers. In some cases, your insurance bill can be cut by half simply because you have a reliable security system installed. So, economically, it does make sense! 
Because each property is different, there is no set price for a security system. Therefore, a specific tailor made quote for your property can be made and this will include the actual cost of installing a full security system and for security guard checks.
So, contact us to arrange for yours to be installed!
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