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Information about Sozopol

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Sozopol is the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The first settlement at these places dates back to IV - III B.C. The undersea explorations in the region of the port reveal relics of dwellings, ceramic pottery, stone and bone tools from the bronze era.
In the Sozopol bay many anchors from II – I B.C .have been discovered, proof of active shipping since ancient times.
The town established itself as a trade and naval centre. It kept strong political and trade relations with the great cities of Elada – Milet, Athina, Corinth, Heraklea Pontica and the islands – Rhodos, Xios, Lesbos, etc. Its trade influence in the Thracian territories was based on a treaty with the rulers of the Odrissian kingdom back at the V century B.C.
Nowadays the town has just about 6 000 residents and is very popular among the thousands guests and tourist, who visit the town in the summer months.
Sozopol is famous with its great beaches and atmosphere, but also with its cultural life.
Apolonia was an ancient fortress, at which place the today’s town has been established. Nowadays the Festival of Art carry that name- Apolonia. The Festival takes place in the beginning of September each year since 1984.