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Covid-19 Advice for UK Nationals Travelling to Bulgaria
[UPDATED 04/06/2020]


• Effective from 1 June, the travel ban for all UK nationals to enter Bulgaria has been lifted. However, please, bear in mind that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office currently advises British nationals against all non-essential travel worldwide.

• All those arriving from the UK, regardless of nationality, must self-isolate for 14 days in their homes or other accommodation. On arrival, you will have to complete a form and there will be a requirement to self-isolate for 14 days. Bulgarian authorities will be checking regularly that the quarantine is kept at the address you have provided on the form.

• UK nationals are exempt from mandatory 14-day self-isolation if they are:

- travelling for humanitarian reasons;

- business representatives of companies which: 1) work on strategic and critical infrastructure in Bulgaria, 2) carry out projects under the Investment Promotion Act, 3) undertake investment scoping exercises certified with a letter from the Ministry of Economy, 4) are involved in shipbuilding;

- drivers of buses on international routes;

- lorry and freight drivers delivering goods;

- medical professionals and researchers;

- workers delivering medical equipment;

- diplomats and public officials;

- frontier workers.

They still need to sign a declaration stating they will observe anti-epidemic measures and are familiar with the risk of COVID-19.

• UK nationals will also be allowed to transit through Bulgaria in order to reach their country of residence. Transit will be allowed on the condition of leaving Bulgaria as soon as possible.


•The UK Government has announced measures affecting international travel to the UK in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. From 8 June, all travellers entering the UK, both UK nationals and foreign citizens, will be expected to undergo a period of 14-day self-isolation.