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Information about Saint Vlas

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For the last few years the village of Sveti VLAS has turned into an attractive holiday spot. The numerous new houses, hotels and restaurants offer superb conditions for rest and recreation.

The 1000 m. long beach with its tiny inlets is a unique romantic place. The large nearby resort of Sunny Beach is a fantastic place for entertainment both day and night. And the old town of Nessebar will definitely conquer you with its antique beauty.
Nessebar welcomes you.

Sveti Vlas is situated in the skirts of the Balkan mountain and thus offers a beautiful combination of sea and mountain climate, considered favourable for those suffering from lung diseases.
A coastal road leading east from Sunny Beach passes through Sveti Vlas, a sprawling local village whose spruced-up environs attest to lucrative spill-over business from Sunny Beach. Private enterprise is in full swing with a rash of spiffy-looking small hotels, pansions, holiday villas and restaurants.
What To Do

The explosive growth in Vlas translates into an ever- increasing number of diversions for tourists who opt to stay there. Visitors can also avail themselves of the varied amenities at Sunny Beach, a half-dozen kilometers down the road.

On the way into Vlas the road passes by Zora, a self-contained complex of villas nestled in the wooded hills. Several kilometers east of Vlas the road ends at another resort complex, Elenite. The stylish Finnish-built (1985) resort consists of Mediterranean-style villas overlooking the sea.

Getting There
Mini-trains link Vlas and Zora with Sunny Beach. There are also plenty of taxis on the perpetual look out for customers.