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Choose Your property and Arrange Your Visit

Select from our website the Bulgarian properties for sale that you would like to view and let us know which properties you would be interested in viewing. Please note that it is not usually feasible to view more than 4 or 5 properties in one day. Our web site shows all current property and is updated constantly but please always check with us first the availability before booking your trip to Bulgaria.


When arranging a visit we recommend one of the last days of your stay in Bulgaria to be an official working day. This is because if you decide to purchase a property, we have at least one working day to begin legal work.

We at Blackseavillas® find property that is so low priced that an immediate decision and fast purchase is often required. To enable our clients to secure such bargains, we offer a way of buying quickly without visiting Bulgaria. It's called "Buy from home", more information on the buying process you can read here.

During your visit in Bulgaria

1.1. Pay a deposit or reservation fee

Deposits can vary between 10% to 30% of the purchase price and will be required for the purchase of existing property.


If you are purchasing a new build property such as an apartment then you may pay a reservation/holding deposit prior to the main deposit. This is usually done to ensure that your preferred unit is taken off the market whilst the preliminary contract of sale is being drawn up.


Upon payment of the deposit, the contract of sale is drawn up and then signed.

Please bear in mind, that in most cases this fee is non-refundable, however it is deducted from one of the next instalments due. So please only pay this amount if you intend to purchase the Bulgarian property.

Deposits can be paid in any of the three ways:

• Bank transfer – takes minimum of 3 working days
• Credit card payment in our UK office
• Cash payment in our Head office in Balchik 

1.2. Set up of a company – Only applicable for non-EU residents

For non-EU residents in Bulgaria, buying property with land requires the setting up a limited liability company. This is not as daunting as it might sound and can all be done on the first visit if required. Note that one company can own a number of properties. Allow half a working day for these legal proceedings.

Our solicitor will prepare the company documents you need to sign. If the property being bought by more than one person, the presence of all people involved is required. Each buyer needs to present his/her valid passport. Some of the documents need to be signed in front of a notary officer. The setting up of a new company also requires opening a company bank account (small fee applies) with the deposit of the minimum required company capital for a Limited Liability Company of 1 Euro.

Our company can arrange the above-described procedure. For this purpose we will need a power of attorney to act on buyer’s behalf. The charge for setting up a company, including all government fees is up to 295 Euro. 

At this stage while you are in Bulgaria, the following fees are to be paid:
- Deposit
- Company set up fee (optional) up to 295 Euro


If you are a EU citizen there is no requirement for you to set up a limited Bulgarian company.

After you leave Bulgaria

1.3. Preliminary contract

The preliminary contract is very important; because it settles all crucial issues, such as the obligations, payment terms, specifications of the property, delivery date, penalties and etc. in order for the preliminary contract to be properly prepared, following details have to be provided:

• Scanned copy of passports
• Permanent address
• Address for correspondence (when applicable)
• Telephone, e-mail

Some vendors (in case the property is part of a complex) include in the preliminary contracts a clause for the obligation of the buyer to conclude after the delivery date a maintenance contract for the common parts of the building. 

This contract can be signed in person by the buyer, or by a proxy of the buyer. 

In the highly unlikely event of not concluding the sale for legal reasons, you will receive a full refund of your deposit, without deduction. 

1.4. Transfer of first instalment

In the case of some purchases such as new build properties, staged payments will be made. If you are purchasing an existing house or cottage then this stage will not apply to you. Please go to the next step.


Usually the first instalment is due within 2 weeks time from signing the preliminary contract. The rest payments are scheduled as per the agreed terms.

Together with the first instalment, the following fees are also to be paid:
- First instalment as per preliminary contract.
- Company set up fee (optional) up to 295 Euro


1.5. Final payment and transfer 


Upon final payment according to contract terms, the vendor will invite the buyer to make the transfer of the ownership. For this purpose all buyers have to be present in person in Bulgaria, or represented by their lawful proxy. If the buyer is not able to be present in Bulgaria at the planned time for transfer of ownership, it is recommendable a third person to be appointed as a proxy in advance.  

Upon transfer of ownership the buyer has to pay the required government and notary fees. The exact amount can be defined in according to the municipality regulations and property price specified in the title deeds.

The whole conveyance process takes about 4 weeks, but by giving Power of Attorney you do not have to return to complete. We then inform you that you are then the proud owner of your Bulgarian property!

Together with the final instalment, the Land tax and Notary fees are also to be paid:

- Final instalment
- Land tax and Notary fees


Money Transfer

Payment of funds from UK or elsewhere to Bulgaria can normally be done from your local Bank. You will need to fill in a "Priority Payment" or "Electronic Transfer" form and the payment should take about 3 days. When you fill in the form with the Bank staff, please bear in mind that the slightest error can result in the payment not being made. This can be critical when making payment for the deadline on a Preliminary Contract. So check the form carefully before signing it and give yourself plenty of time and transfer at least a week before the due date. 

When using their services, please remind them to add your name to the transfer description, to help us identify it. 


Please do ensure that you check the option to pay all bank transfer fees as the seller must receive the full amount.

Must-dos after the transfer of ownership: 

1. Register of the new property owner in the Electricity and Water supply companies. 

Annual costs:

1. Annual submission of company records (if you have a Bulgarian company set up)
2. Council and garbage collection tax


Our Bulgarian property management department could assist you in all after sale matters.

Summary of Buying Costs

Quite a few clients have told us they find it very difficult to get details of buying costs from other agencies. To make these clear to you, here's a list of all the costs:

1. Purchase price

2. Land tax and Notary fee. Depends on value and location of the property and for houses under 10 000 Euros is typically under 700 Euros. 

3. If you don't already have a company set up in Bulgaria, then up to 295 Euro. Note that one company can own a number of properties and it only applies to non-EU citizens.

And that's, apart from some living expenses in Bulgaria. For this, take a quantity of Lev with you.