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Investing in Europe's safe haven
A safe haven should be politically stable, have low inflation, low taxes, low government debt and strong economic growth. Bulgaria fulfils all those criteria.

In recent years, Bulgaria’s economic growth approaches 4%, with low inflation. Bulgaria’s prudent public financial management contributed to a balanced budget in 2016 and a near-balanced budget for 2017 and surplus of €160 million in 2018. Plus, national debt is nearly four times less than the average for the major Western countries! And taxes are Europe’s lowest, with a flat rate 10% for both corporate and personal.

Compare this solvency with the massive indebtedness and money printing of Western Europe and you have an economy well placed to withstand recession.

Whilst EU membership can be costly for some countries, it’s presently profitable for Bulgaria. They received € 1.896 billion in 2017, but only paid out€ 0.379 billion. And they have resisted taking large numbers of migrants, so protecting social cohesiveness.

Not only does Bulgaria have good relations with the West, it also has historically deep connections with Russia, who provide a large proportion of the country’s energy needs on favourable terms.

Of course, no country is without problems. And Bulgaria is still dealing with the echoes of communism, but the country is very well placed and should be considered a safe haven for investment.

Although economic growth has been strong in Bulgaria in recent times, property still is cheaper than the norm for Europe. This is mostly due to restricted lending by banks. Whilst this is tough for borrowers, it creates a property market that is arguably a lot safer than the high house prices of countries like the UK which rely upon cheap mortgages. Here are four properties that are better value than even typical local prices for you to consider:

Valley view cottage in Krasen, not far from the coast and all its modern attractions. A larger than average cottage, very nicely positioned on high ground with lots of land around it. All for just €8900! (see video)
Villa Sole in Malina village, also not far from the coast. A recently built modern Villa. A bank repossession going for far less than outstanding debt. Price €15,900 (see video)
Also near the large village of Krasen, lavender cottage. Only €8900
Don’t want to own a house? Then consider a building plot to hold as an investment. This one we have selected as of good quality and great value, in a village only 9 miles from the coast. Price €3900 are ready to help you move forward on your safe haven investment.