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Varna: Bulgarias Seaside Capital
Often referred to as a jewel on the Black Sea coast, the city of Varna boasts an attractive beach and coastline but it is much more than just a seaside city. It offers a rich cultural history making the city a joy to explore.
In the centre of Varna’s cultural quarter can be found some of the largest Roman baths in Europe. In the city’s Archaeological Museum there are some of world’s oldest treasures including intricate gold jewelry dating back over 7000 years.
It’s worth noting that the Thracian civilization, one of the worlds earliest, was located in the Varna and northern areas and over the years archaeologists have located a number of very important historic sites dating back to 5000 BC.
The architecture in the city includes a wide range of styles; from Brutalist Soviet era structures to art deco, baroque and modern.
Walking along the flower lined boulevards you will be impressed by the range of coffee and tea houses, craft beerhouses and restaurant selling fresh and locally sourced produce.
The Varna region is famed for its excellent fruit and veg in particular the beefy tomatoes that are the main ingredient in Bulhgaria’s famous shopska salad.
If you’re worried about being misunderstood in shops and restaurants don’t be. English is widely spoken across the city. Since the fall of Communism English has been taught in schools and in busy cities such as Varna, it is commonplace.
Varna boasts three impressive beaches aswell as a 12 miles boulevard named Coastline Alley.

During the day you can enjoy Rappongi Beach just a few minutes walk from the city centre.
In the evening why not enjoy the vibrant nightlife along Coastline Alley. There is a wide range of beach clubs, chic bars and pool bars catering to all tastes. Many are situated on the beach and you can enjoy a meal in one of the beautiful turn of the century bathhouses that have been converted, whilst overlooking the sea.
Getting to Varna is straightforward with flights going to the city from a number of European and British locations throughout the year. EasyJet flights start from £52.