8 Primorska Street
9600 Balchik, Bulgaria
tel 00 359 52 601 623


16 499 €

One of the main reasons to buy Bulgarian property is the freedom it gives you. Space to spread your wings and do what you want. The sunshine and beautiful countryside. In one word, Freedom. Unlike the UK, not every inch of land is fenced off and accounted for. There’s lots of uncultivated land and forests, making Bulgaria a paradise for horse riders. This property, White Horse cottage, has stables and the owner’s beautiful horse, greeted our manager, Martin, all when he visited the property. White Horse cottage is an exceptional property. Apart from looking a really nice place, it’s only 7 ½ miles by straight and good road to the coast. Property in this location, close to Bulgaria’s lovely Northern coast is usually much more expensive than properties far inland. White Horse Cottage has four bedrooms with large gardens of 900 m2, in a lovely village with a beautiful river running through it. The village of Bezhanovo is popular with foreign buyers, so there is an established and growing ex-pat community in the area. The nearest neighbour is an elderly gentleman and then further away a property owned by an English couple.  The cottage is a solid and very smart looking property, attractively painted in soft pastel colours. It’s set back from the road with drive to the side into the property. It’s nicely situated and not overlooked. To the front, there’s a covered porch sheltering the front door. Attractive double doors lead into the hallway. There’s another entrance into the kitchen on the right side of the property. There are four bedrooms, living room, kitchen and storage room. In addition, there are steps down to a very handy cellar which extends under the main part of the house. The stable block is at right angles to the front of the house, slightly to the rear. There are plenty of outbuildings to, which will be very handy for storage. The owner is leaving his furniture behind (but not his horse!), So whatever you see in these pictures are included in the sale. Condition is good, the property recently having been redecorated.  Of course, this isn’t a 60,000 Euro house with modern kitchen and bathroom. Those need fitting, but that’s easily done and at modest cost– just let us know after sale and we can provide help.  Outside are extensive gardens of just under a quarter of an acre, with a wide range of mature trees and bushes. We noticed a lot of strawberries, so you will be able to pick your own delicious fruits. There are attractive views all around making the place a private and beautiful hideaway. As with all properties that are offered by us, everything is vetted carefully before release to the market. All paperwork is in order and we’d like to emphasise that the neighbourhood is good. We never ever offer property in dodgy locations and like in any other country, there are good and bad areas in Bulgaria. Our criterion is simple – would we like to live there? And is the property a bargain? The answer is a big yes, yes with White Horse cottage.   Normally property at this price is located far inland. Not so this one. Bulgaria’s best golf courses and lovely beaches are just a short trip away – ideal if you are thinking of modernising this property and renting it out to holidaymakers. And it’s located in the “Natura 2000” area of nature reserves, with the famous Lake Durankulak on the coast only 10 or so minutes away. This really is a fascinating lake and is the biggest conservation area for protected fish and bird species. It has restaurant on its shore that offers amazing views. And for those interested in ancient history, it’s worth noting that possibly Europe’s oldest stone building at around 7,500 years is near the lake. If you don’t like concrete jungles and noisy resorts, then this is the area for you. Within 12 to 20 kms are a range of small and unspoilt bays and beaches, including Durankulak, Krapets, Shabla, Ezerets. The bigger resorts of Kavarna and Balchik are easily accessible, as are three major golf courses – Thracian Cliffs,  Lighthouse and Blacksearama. Since the property is in a protected area of exceptional scenic value, industrial or other ugly developments are unlikely. Ownership costs are peanuts. How about Council tax of 20 Euros a year? You don’t have to visit Bulgaria to complete the purchase of this property. You can use a local notary officer and we’ll handle the process for you. That said, we’d love to see you in Bulgaria and we have local offices to provide support services, like building works and property care. Services which we’ve been providing for over 13 years. We only offer carefully selected property in the sought after Northern coastal region.  In summary. The big plus with this property is its closeness to the coast and its excellent quality facilities like modern resorts and no less than three high quality golf courses.